Interactive Massage and Bodywork Sessions

An Interactive Couple’s Massage Session or Workshop is like a four-handed massage (where one person receives a massage from two massage therapists at the same time) BUT your friend or partner is one of the people giving you the massage…with the very close guidance of your instructors…at about half of the cost of a normal four-hand massage! This is a really popular choice for couples who have attended one or more of our standard Couple’s Massage Workshops and want to take their massage to the next level.

Four-Hand Ultra Relaxation Massage

We will begin with the flows and intentions that you learned in the Couple’s Massage Workshop and then take your partner into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. You will work in tandem with me, following my lead at first, and then we will take turns leading and following each other as you grow more confident. The goals being to give your partner the most relaxing massage experience of their life while you learn the intentions and techniques to do this on your own.

Four-Handed Fusion

After you have learned the basics of four-handed massage, it is time to try the four-handed fusion massage. This massage requires two massagers because it is the fusion between them, and then with the receiver that makes this experience so incredible. We start out pretty much as we do in the Ultra Relaxation Experience above, taking turns leading and following, but then we start to blend into one another so that our work feels more like one symbiotic person. Reacting to, with, around, and through each other. The energy, flow, and physical touch can be unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

Turning The Tables...

There are many ways to change things up using the four-handed model. It is a great way for what we lovingly call “throuples plus”, people with two or more partners that want to learn how to all be involved with the massage at the same time or for a couple that wants to learn how to give a four-handed massage, you are welcome to bring a friend to practice on (or I am sure one of my therapists would sacrifice themselves to help you out!).

If you want to plan something fun, creative, and memorable for your special group, please call or email us soon to start the conversation.


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