The Couple's Massage Workshop

Learn How To Give Your Loved One A World Class Massage!

Enjoy the benefits of a massage by learning techniques with a loved one! Our couples massage lessons are available to individuals and couples over the age of 18, and isn’t limited to romantic partners; you can bring a friend or family member along with you to learn. We offer a variety of couples massage workshops to choose from, so please consider calling to learn more.

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The Couple's Massage Workshop

Our small group couples’ massage workshop is 3-hours long, which gives enough time for you and your partner to each give and receive a massage. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, teaching you relaxing flows and advanced techniques that are traditionally only taught at massage therapy schools.

The workshop is fun and interactive, and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout! Typically, there will be up to six different couples in the workshop. While you will be modestly covered when receiving a massage, you are welcome to remain fully clothed if it would make you feel more comfortable. In addition, private lessons are available, if that is what you’d prefer.

We have had over 5,000 couples take this workshop over the last ten years and have received nothing but 5 star reviews!

What To Expect

We will start by meeting each other and discussing the power and value of touch. Asking and answering questions until everyone is ready to begin.

You will take turns giving and receiving massage while we demonstrate several different massage flows and techniques that you will be using throughout the workshop.

Each of you will give and receive a complete massage from each other before the workshop is over. You will only be working with your partner and the instructor, not the other class participants.

After Your Workshop

After your workshop we will send you all of the information and videos that you will need to continue on your massage journey so that you can continue learning at home.

We are always available for questions and when you feel like you want some more help or inspiration to keep your partner in massage nirvana you can always come back for one of our advanced small group workshops, a private therapeutic massage workshop or a sensual touch/massage workshop.


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