Faqs and Thoughts

We understand that people likely have a lot of questions on our services. Because of this, we’ve tried to answer some of the most common. See below for more information.

Generally speaking, there will be between four and six couples for a standard workshop, along with one or two instructors to help guide you. (Private sessions, of course, only have you, your partner, and your instructor). Right now my live workshops are limited to 4 couples at a time.

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself; we’ll provide everything you need to get started. That said, if you have skin allergies, you are allowed to bring your own lotion so that you can make sure you have the best experience possible. (Note: Please don’t bring lotions that smell strongly in order to avoid disturbing others in the workshop.) 

For individuals giving a massage, we recommend clothing that’s going to be comfortable, loose, and that you don’t mind potentially being stained with oils and creams. (Because of this, a short-sleeved shirt is recommended.) When getting a massage, most people opt to either wear nothing (while still being professional draped) or to wear only underwear; that said, we ultimately encourage you to wear whatever’s comfortable.

Of course! Your personal modesty is incredibly important to us, and we strive to provide ways for all individuals to learn while still remaining comfortable. You are allowed to wear whatever you are most comfortable in while in the group workshops. In addition, private sessions are available if a group setting is simply too uncomfortable for you. 

Our primary goal is to teach you how to give an amazing massage. This involves teaching you a wide variety of effective techniques, from the basics to more advanced methods. However, we are especially good at adapting our workshops to meet the needs of the particpants.

Our small group workshop begins with an introduction where your instructors will go over precautions, challenges you may face, how to get comfortable, basic anatomy, and other basics to help you get started. Then, one partner will get on the table, and the other will be guided in how to give a proper massage. This lasts for about an hour; then, we’ll take a break, and the two will switch roles. After both partners have had their turn, we’ll close the workshop with a Q&A session so that you can learn more about the process. 

First of all: we encourage you to do so! Once you complete your workshop, you’ll have access to the Alumni Area and training videos, which can help you continue to improve your skills. In addition, you’ll be eligible for advanced classes, and we’ll send you monthly newsletters that can be quite informative. 

Of course! In order to accommodate you, we’ll modify the techniques, and teach your partner how to provide a massage that will be beneficial to your pregnancy. That said, we do encourage you to speak to your doctor to make sure everything is alright beforehand; in addition, we ask that you inform us, as well, so that we can make sure everything is prepared for you. 

Of course; just make sure to call or email us so that we can set things up. Also, you can always set up a private workshop for you and your friends.

Unfortunately, because of the limited sizes of our workshops, we can not guarantee a refund if you cancel with less than a seven-day notice.  If you know you’ll be missing a workshop, and send us an email notice more than 72 hours beforehand, we can provide you credit for a future workshop. 

No; this workshop is solely for recreational purposes, and so does not offer any of these upon completion. 


*Do you have further questions about our services? Then consider calling or emailing today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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