Massage Tools

Massage Tools

Here are some massage tools and accessories that I think can help some of you in your massages. If you end up using any of these, please let me know about your experience with them. Also, please pay attention to the manufacturers recommendations on how to sue these tools and “do no harm” 🙂 

Massage Tables

For most practical purposes the absolute best place to give and receive a massage is on a massage table. They are designed to make giving a massage much easier and healthier, and are far superior to beds, etc. especially if you are trying to get any deep work done. 

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a massage table and you can check out what I think is important here

If you are in the Seattle area and are a Couple’s Massage Workshop Alumni you can always just come borrow one from me for a special occasion or long weekend. 

The Thumbby

I really like the Thumbby Soft Massage Cone! I like it for a lot of reasons, but probably the most relevant reasons here are:

1) that it will let you generate a lot of pressure without using a lot of force or stressing your joints

2) It is a wonderful self care tool! It sticks to the wall so you can use it to hit your own trigger points, you can sit on it, stick it on the side of your bath tub and lean in and on and on and on.

Buy it on Amazon

Deep Tissue Tools

This is Wellgler’s Deep Tissue Massage Tool (Amazon). It is a fun tool to try. Actually there are a lot of deep tissue tools that are fun to try but might not work very well for different people for different reasons. I suggest trying them all but making sure you can return them with no hassle (think Amazon Prime, Costco).

Wellgler Tool on Amazon | Thumbsavers     


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