What a wonderful class! Joe really makes it a fun experience that’s comfortable for everyone…regardless of enthusiasm level. Yeah, I’m talking to all you couples where one of you is way more excited about this class than the other! haha…don’t worry, if you are at all reluctant about anything, I promise you’ll be glad you came! I really liked that he just dives right in, no lecture or discussion ahead of time, you get right to work! He emphasizes mastering a few basics, and then from there, don’t worry too much about proper technique. It’s about being comfortable, enjoying yourself, and listening to and responding to your partner. The two of us loved doing something so different from our normal routine, and taking a few hours to really focus on each other–sounds cheesy, yes, but it truly is a great way to reconnect with each other. Most of all, I was so impressed by Joe’s enthusiasm for massage therapy. He clearly loves what he does, as evidenced by the fact that he took extra time with our group, answered every question we had, brought a lot of humor to the class, and took time to demonstrate techniques on every couple. We loved it and highly recommend it!!

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