Nurturing, Intimate and, SENSUAL MASSAGE WORKSHOPS

Ultimately our goal at the Power of Touch Workshops is to help people, primarily couples, find new ways to draw closer together through the use of touch and communication. For couples who have attended the 3-hour Couple’s Massage Workshop or one of our private workshops we offer additional workshops and private sessions to help you build a closer and more intimate relationship.

Our Nurturing, Intimate, and Sensual Touch Workshops are focused specifically on helping couples connect more deeply through the subtle yet powerful language of touch.


Small Group Art of Touch & Massage Workshops

Discover the transformative power of touch in this engaging and hands-on workshop designed for couples. “Learn the Art and Power of Intimate Touch” is a unique class that teaches couples how to connect more deeply through the subtle yet powerful language of touch.

This class is perfect for couples looking to rekindle their romance, enhance their physical connection, and communicate love through the power of touch. 

Private & Intimate

Your Sensual Massage Workshop is private and it is designed specifically for you and your partner based on a questionnaire that you will each fill out and and a conversation with your instructor.

We also provide you more privacy within your privacy by leaving the room several times so that you can practice more freely or talk between yourselves about how the workshop is going and where you want it to go next. 

One or Both of You

We offer different lengths and types of sensual workshops to fit your specific needs. For instance, you can schedule a 90 minute or two hour workshop if just one of you want to learn and treat the other person.

If you both want to take turns learning/giving and receiving we recommend our 3 hour workshop for the most thorough experience. However if you have time or budget constraints you can schedule our 2 hour workshop and we will make sure that you learn the techniques you are interested in. 


You can come to one of our wonderful Seattle locations (Magnolia or Fremont) for your workshop or for an additional cost we can come to you at your home, hotel or other special location. Just go to our scheduling page and select the location and length of your private workshop and write sensual in the notes. 

Or, call or email us if you have any questions or want help scheduling.

A Personal Note From Joe Regarding Our Sensual Workshops

Why teach sensual massage workshops? Well, there are a lot of teachers of, and resources for, better sexual techniques, the hottest sex ever, etc. and I am happy that they are there. There are even a lot of people who will show you how to give each other a nice massage, again I’m equally happy. What I think is missing are some competent voices who are willing and able to talk about, and teach on, all of the incredible yummy, sensuous, erotic and intimate moments that are possible in the area between a basic massage and a sexual escapade. This is the area where I want to focus and where I can add the most value.

Touch, especially sustained and focused touch, is intimate by its nature as it is sensual. However, touch does not have to be sexual and for the purposes of our sensual massage workshop we are focusing completely on intimate, sensual and/or erotic touch that is free from the expectations and pressures that sexual touch elicit, as healthy as they might be. I beleive that this area between touch and sex, with all of its different layers and nuances is especially yummy and largely neglected in most of the alternative teachings available these days. 

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