One word could sum it all. AMAZING! I had the pleasure of coming here for the massage workshop. Prior to the workshop, the massage therapist (Joe) sent us emails including a video to prep us. The instructors taught us different techniques and was actively teaching us individually as well as the group. They taught as proper draping technique, and massage techniques providing emphasis on the back, legs and neck. If you have problem areas that you want to address like low back issues, they are sure to teach you techniques in that area that relieves stress AND also proper body mechanics when giving the massage. It also may seem kind of weird that there were 10 other people in the room but it was actually comfortable. We’re all adults. No one is laughing and pointing. It was nice to have others in the room because you all learn from each other anyways. I definitely slept like a baby at night of the workshop. Excellent idea to have the workshop at 6pm on a sunday evening! I can’t imagine doing this workshop in the day time because I’d knock out. Either way if you give the massage or receive the massage I think you’re going to knock out and sleep like a baby. Its hard work to give massages. You get a real good workout on your upper body =D   I would highly recommend this workshop!! If I could I would give it 6 stars!

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