I too have to say I was a bit reluctant when I found out it was going to be 3 hours for the class; but, everything was great, and things moved along pretty well. Class started right on time, the surroundings weren’t creepy or odd.I have to say too that the tandem teaching of Joe and Wendy was great. I felt that we got enough exposure on how to do stuff while still being left alone long enough to try things out. Also, they were very helpful and attentive to what might be the particular needs of a couple, i.e., my wife gets knots in her scapular area, and Wendy spent a lot of time helping me understand how to work that particular area.

I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend this to anyone. In fact, when we set this up, we invited a few of our friends to join us; however, they were perhaps a bit too chicken. And, on our way home after the class, both my wife and I expressed the opinion that they really missed out.

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