My boyfriend got me this groupon for the PTCMW and I was actually a bit skeptical because I am pretty modest and kinda uncomfortable with my body. I think you all will know the ending to this story because I’ve rated it 5 stars… and if I could rate it higher I would. Joe and Wendy were competent, confident and you can tell that they are passionate about what they do. They genuinely enjoy teaching couples how to give a very relaxing massage that they can duplicate for the rest of their lives. I mean I just gave my boyfriend a fantastic massage for an hour an a half and I was not tired in the slightest. Before it’d be five – ten minutes and I was worn out! And then… I received a better massage from him for an hour and a half! This isn’t just a one time thing that you enjoy and relax and then it’s over…. it’s really new skills that we will both use to bring us closer together and de-stress. It gave us the language to talk and communicate about what we like and prefer in massages as well.

In a nutshell…. absolutely fantastic.

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