Amazing. We both got so much more than we were expecting from this workshop. I wasn’t expecting to get so much hands-on teaching and feedback from Joe and his mom. I really felt like I learned some of the basic techniques I’ve experienced from professional massages to be able to use on my partner.Learned that using friction balm instead of just massage lotion let me work so much easier. Also learned that we need to start watching for a used portable massage table – being able to work on my partner on a table instead of floor, etc. meant no more back pain and no tired fingers or wrists since I finally learned how to use my forearms, elbow, and she was quite happy. I was surprised how much we were able to take away from just 1 session to practice on our own. We’re both interested now to setup massage nights for each other, and to do a few more ‘date nights’ where we do some more learning. We did a 6pm-9pm evening workshop and I’m glad I brought along a few energy bars for snacks for us. I thought there would be more standing around lecture time but actually the demonstrations are while you are at your partner’s table so you can mirror what Joe is showing and apply it immediately.  That was probably the biggest factor that made us have such an enjoyable time while BOTH getting massages in just a 3 hour time period.

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