Tips on How to Buy the Best Massage Table For Your Needs

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In our minds, the absolute best place to give and receive consistent massages is on a massage table. These tables are designed to make massage much easier and healthier and are far superior to beds, etc., especially if you are trying to do any deep work. 

Here are some suggestions on what to look for when purchasing your table and you can jump to the bottom of the page for some recommendations. If you are taller or wider than “average” please make sure to read about table height and width below.

Most of the massage tables that we use in our workshops are 30″ wide, and that is a pretty standard measurement for your average massage table. If you took the workshop then you probably have a good idea if this is a good width for you. If you have not actually given a massage on a professional table then I really suggest that you find a way to take a table or two for a test drive before buying one! 

My bias is for a wider table for several reasons. Many of them relate to my massage practice and the fact that I work on many different body types. I would rather have room to spare than have my clients almost falling off the table. I also bend and twist my clients a lot, so I like to have room to do that, and I get on the table with my clients for Thai Massage, Shiatsu, and other dynamic techniques. A 30″ table does not provide me with enough surface area to do these things comfortably. So I use a 32″ table, which might be overkill for many of you, but just right for others (think of Goldilocks and her new friends).

My suggestion is to find your sweet spot somewhere between 30″ and 32″ and remember there are trade-offs. Wider tables cost more money, are heavier, are harder to reach across for some people, and can be hard to find accessories for…but they sure are comfy!

This can be one of the most important actors if at least one of you is over 6’. If so you might want to make sure your table has a big enough height range for both of you. The standard range in tables is about 23” to 33”.

For most people, the lowest your table needs to be is right at the first knuckles of your hand, and the highest would be about an inch below the top of your hip or your waist. So you can measure those two heights and shop accordingly.  

Weight Capacity
How much weight can your table hold? Make sure it is 50 pounds more than the combined weight of you and your partner (especially if you plan to get on the table for any of your work). Also, Working Weight is a much better measurement than “static weight” or simpler terms like “capacity”.  If you are not sure which they are quoting, ask. 

End Panels
Some tables offer Reiki end panels, which allow you to get your knees under the table when sitting on a stool at either end. Just remember that this design is not as stable as the traditional design so you will want to make sure of the quality and build of the table and it’s stated capacities. 

Warranties, Quality
There are high-end tables and low-end tables. There are companies that offer good warranties and some that don’t. I will list a few of the obvious ones in a moment. Do your research, check out the reviews on the company and the tables. One thing to think about is how much you plan to use your table. I have given several thousand massages on my primary table, and I am sure it has several thousand left in it. You may not put as many miles on yours so you probably do not need to spend as much….So when asking questions, make sure that you tell the seller that you are a consumer and not a professional therapist.

Functionality over Comfort
There is a trade-off between price and “comfort upgrades” that I do not always feel is worth paying. I am willing to pay a little more for quality padding but not much. Usually, I would rather buy an aftermarket foam padding topper for my table as well as a separate table warmer (vs a built-in warmer). The vinyl is almost always covered, so don’t get too caught up in the color selection. Stay within your budget, and you can add more comfort as time passes. 

Ready To Purchase?
There are established high-quality manufacturers like Oakworks, Earthlite, and Custom Craftworks, which I would recommend for professional therapists (and couples with expensive tastes and large budgets). Then there are good-quality middle tables like the ones that Costco sells (great warranty here). Some clients have told me great things about the lower-priced tables and customer service at Best Massage. 

There are also many places that sell most of the brands listed above and more like Massage Warehouse and Massage King. 

Last but not least are Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, etc. These sites offer great deals, especially with the cost of new tables being fairly high right now, but make sure to check seller ratings, purchase guarantees, etc.  

Return Policies
If you are not sure what you need, it is important to either see and test a table before you purchase it or ensure that the place you are buying it is reputable and has a liberal return policy, like Amazon or Costco

Specific Recommendations for Casual Use Tables:
Amazon: $320 – Master Massage 30″ Newport$350+ – Master Massage 31″ Montclair.
Costco: $180 – 30″ Best Massage Table.
EarthLite Harmony DX Massage Table Package $340 @BuyMassageTables | $370 @Amazon

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